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Jeannine De Palma
P.O Box 206, Wilson New York 14172
(716) 751 6927

Central Asian Shepherds are the oldest landrace of dogs in existence today
Asiatic mastiff, Alabai, Koochee dog, Tobet, Gamper, Nagazi, Central Asian Ovcharka, Middle Asian oVcharka, are just a few names of the different types. 

FoxFire Farms does not have Modern Russian Alabais or Ovcharkas;
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It's a ???????
Save 15%
Military Discount

Thanks for serving, Only US breeder with afghani aboriginal lines. NO Alabais which are turkmen dogs or any CAO which are modern Russian breed.

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Puppies Expected spring 2013 . ,My facebook is updated daily from my many happy clients. Website not so much.  I am a professional dog trainer. Thus not much time for website stuff.           
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